Team Phoenix acquired the members of the top Critical-Ops team, Kings Clan, earlier this week.

Critical-Ops is the widely popular mobile first-person shooter by Finnish developer Critical Force that just exited alpha and entered beta a few months ago. The game is set to launch in mid-2017, but already has over 8 million players worldwide despite not having beta released in major markets such as USA. C-Ops will be released on iOS in the US within the next few months.

Kings Clan have been the most recognized first-person shooter mobile gaming team for the past five years. Best known for their utter dominance in Modern Combat 5 and in C-Ops, Kings have one of the largest established followings in mobile-FPS. Led by Kings Vendetta captain KingKuba and Kings Throne captain Abz, Kings have routinely swept most relevant C-Ops tournaments and will head into the C-Ops World Cup 2017 as the heavy favorites.

The following members of Kings Vendetta will be joining the Team Phoenix C-Ops division:

  • KingKam
  • Sypitz
  • KingKuba

The following members of Kings Throne will be joining the Team Phoenix C-Ops division:

  • KingAbz
  • KingMilio
  • KingAngel

Also joining Team Phoenix will be video editor ROOGHZ, best known for making the official iOS C-Ops Trailer on YouTube.

Kings Clan, including Vendetta and Throne, will continue competing with new rosters.

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