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November 4, 2016
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January 17, 2017

Ten Questions with Team Phoenix // 팀피닉스와 10질문

Last month, Team Phoenix won the 2016 Vainglory World Championship in Hollywood, California. Following our victory, the community had many questions for druid, Mango and Willy on their experience in Hollywood during the World Championship, so we put together their responses. Thank you to all who submitted questions and to everyone for your continued support of Team Phoenix throughout our journey and our eventual ascent to World Champions!

1. What was your favorite thing to do in Hollywood when you weren’t playing on stage? What was the first they did after their championship win? Submitted by SeanAustinO via Reddit
할리우드에서 월드챔포온십 무대에서 경기하는것 빼고 무엇을 재일 즐기셨습니까? 우승하고 재일 먼저 한게 무엇입니가?
druid: 우승하고 밥을 먹었을 떄가 제일 행복했어요. 4강과 결승을 하루만에 진행했기 때문에 체력적으로 일단 너무 힘들었습니다. 우승해서 기뻣고 힘든 일을 하고 난 후에 먹는 밥은 최고로 맛있었어요.
I was the happiest when we went to go eat after we won the Championship– the best meals are the ones you have after completing a difficult task.. Playing the Semifinals and the Grand Finals in the same day was exhausting but we were really happy that we won it all. 
Mango: 먹는게 가장 즐거웠습니다. 팀원들 팀피닉스 분들이랑 우승을 같이 즐겼습니다.
Eating was my favorite thing to do. The first thing I did after winning was celebrating with my teammates and Team Phoenix members.
Willy: 맛있는 음식 먹는것, 트위터 체크와 사진찍기.
I liked eating delicious foods, checking Twitter and taking pictures.

2. What’s Willy’s favorite song? Submitted by @cherrybombx via Twitter
윌리선수가 재일 좋아하는 노래가 뭣입니까?
Willy: 좋아하는 노래는 많지만 최근 좋아하는 노래 BLACKPINK – 휘파람
I have a lot of favorite songs, but my favorite song at the moment is “Whistle” by BLACKPINK.

3.What devices do the players play on? Submitted by ShirukaX via Reddit

어떤 기개를 쓰십니까?
druid: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Mango: iPhone 6+
Willy: iPad Pro 9.7

4. How many hours a day do Armada practice together and individually? Submitted by @Poli5208 via Twitter

하루에 개인적인 연습은 몇시간 하시고 팀연습은 몇시간 하십니까?
druid: 개인 연습을 7~8시간 솔로 랭크를 할 떄도 있고 하루 종일 팀연습을 할 떄도 있습니다. 개인 연습을 많이 할 떄는 팀연습에서 저의 실수로 인해서 게임을 졌을 떄 개인의 능력을 끌어올리고 개인 연습을 많이 합니다. 그렇지 않을 떄는 팀연습을 주로 하네요.
It varies. There are times when we practice 7-8 hours per day individually playing ranked matches and there are times when we play all day together as a team. We generally practice a lot as a team, but practice a lot individually to improve on the individual mistakes that we make during team practice. 
Mango: 개인게임시간은 4-6시간 팀연습시간도 5-6시간 정도합니다.
I practice 4-6 hours per day individually and 5-6 hours per day with the team. 
Willy: 6시간이상, 대회준비기간에는 시간나는대로 팀연습합니다.
We practice at least 6 hours per day, but when it’s time to prepare for a tournament we practice as much as we possibly can.

5. Do you feel Armada has a relatively small pool of heroes compared to other teams? From what I saw they seemed to be picking the same few heroes over and over again. Could this have been what led to their 3 losses since a counter pick against their carries put them at a disadvantage from the start? Submitted by Ginga_Ninja319 via Reddit
피닉스 알마다가 히어로풀이 좁다고 생각 하십니까? 월드 챔피온십때 계속 같은 영웅을 선택하셨고 3판진게 그 선택픽들을 카운터 당해서 졌다고 생각하십니까?
druid: 저희가 우승했기 떄문에 당연히 챔피언풀은 세계 최고라고 생각하네요 🙂 저희가 패배했던 이유는 저희의 ban pick 실수 그리고 게임 안에서의 실수 상대가 잘했던것 이 세가지가 겹쳤기 떄문에 패배했다고 생각합니다.
Since we’re the World Champions, I think it’s clear that we also have the largest hero pool in the world 🙂 We dropped three matches during the World Championships because the following three issues happened in each of the three losses: 1) we made errors during the draft phase; 2) our opponents played very well; and 3) we made errors in-game. 
Mango: 셋다 챔프폭이 상당히 넓습니다. EA에서 좋다고 생각해서 선택했습니다. Lance가 있는팀이 패배하기 어려운 메타였습니다 저희는 최선의 선택을 했다고 생각합니다.
All three of us have really large hero pools but it may have appeared smaller because we prioritized heroes that were strong in the EA meta and took them whenever possible. During the Worlds meta, it was really difficult to beat a team with Lance.
Willy: 절대적지않다고 생각합니다, 아니요.
No, I completely disagree that we have small hero pools.

6. Are the only other real contenders in EA, Hack? Submitted via @Supershottt via Twitter
동아시아 서버에서 피닉스알마다의 도전자는 Hack뿐입니까?
druid: 동아시아 서버의 도전자는 현재 없다고 생각해요. Hack DNG 모두 8강에서 탈락했잖아요. 도전자로 의식되는 상대가 없네요. 저는 여전히 NA가 우리의 도전자라고 생각합니다.
I don’t think there are any contenders. Both Hack and DetonatioN Gaming were eliminated in the Round of 8. I think our only competition are NA teams.
Mango: 없다고생각합니다.
I don’t think there are any contenders.
Willy: Hack, DNG 등등 여러팀이 있습니다.
There are several contenders, including Hack and DetonatioN Gaming.

7. At any point in time, did you feel that NA teams stood a real chance? If there was a point in time where this was the case, when did your opinions shift in your favor, assuming they did? Moreover, how much of a threat did you assess TSM to pose, and how did that measure up to how they performed? Submitted by ThreeBlindMice_7 via Reddit
언제든지 북미팀들이 우승할 수 있다는 가능성이 있다고 생각하셨어요? 있다고 생각하셨으면 언제 피닉스 알마다가 우승할 수 있다고 생각이 바꼈습니까? TSM은 얼마나 강하다고 생각 하셨습니까? 피닉스 알마다가  TSM 평가 한것 보다 TSM이 잘 했다고 생각합니까 못했다고 생각합니까?
druid: 언제든지 북미팀이 우승할 수 있다고 생각해요. EA보다 pro team도 많고 잘하는 사람도 훨씬 많습니다. 그렇기 떄문에 다음 세계대회에서 북미가 우승한다고 해도 전혀 이상하지 않을 것 같아요. TSM은 저희가 생각했던것보다 약했습니다 scrim에서 제가 한번도 안해본 챔피언들로 이길정도로 약했어요. 그들은 전략을 활용하는면에서 뛰어난 팀입니다.
I thought NA teams always stood a chance to win it all. NA has more pro teams than EA and a greater number of talented players. If a NA team wins the next World Championship, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. TSM was weaker than I had anticipated. During scrims, we were able to beat them with heroes I’ve never tried before in competitive play. However, they are a team that really distinguishes themselves in strategy. 
Mango: 북미팀이 가장 잘한다고 생각했습니다 서버가 달라서 저희랑 만날일도 없어서 당연히 북미가 가장 잘하겠지 생각했는데 미국에 와서 스크림하고나서 충분히 우승할수있다고 생각이 바뀌었습니다. 생각한것보다 못했다고 생각합니다.
We entered our bootcamp thinking that NA was the strongest region since we haven’t had many opportunities to face NA teams. However, after coming to the States and scrimming the top NA teams, our mentality shifted quickly and we knew we could win the World Championship. I think TSM underperformed compared to what I thought they were capable of.
Willy: 미국에 와서 스크림을 하기전까진 TSM 상대로 좋은 승률이 나올거라고 생각을 안했습니다. 제 개인적인 생각으로는 평가보다 조금 못미치는것 같습니다.
Before coming to the States, I didn’t expect to have our best scrim results against TSM. I think they performed slightly worse than our expectations. 

8. What was the biggest obstacle Armada and Phoenix faced on the road to worlds? Submitted by @AWKN_VG via Twitter
월드챔피온십 우승할때 피닉스 알마다의 재일 힘든 장애가 무엇이었습니까?
druid: 4강과 결승을 한번에 진행해야 한다는것에서 체력적으로 문제가 생기지 않을까 그것을 상당히 걱정했습니다. 그리고 그 걱정이 현실로 이어졌구요..실제로 결승전 4경기부터는 체력적으로 정말 힘들었습니다. 앞으로 열심히 운동을 해서 체력을 더 늘려야겠다는 생각이 들더라구요 🙂
I was most worried about our stamina and physical condition in Day 3, when we had to play both the Semifinals and the Grand Finals. In reality, it was exhausting and very difficult after the Semifinals and it has motivated me to focus more on improving my physical condition 🙂
Mango우선픽일경우 Lance 을 무조건 가져가는 메타였습니다. 하지만 저희는 우선픽일때 선택을 하지 않아서 힘들었다 생각합니다.
I found our biggest challenges came when we did not first-pick Lance in a meta that mandated a first-pick Lance.
Willy: 딱히 없었습니다.
No big obstacles come to mind.

9. What exactly the thought of the team when TSM picked Ozo in the last game of #vaingloryworlds? Submitted by @imacmeacme via Twitter
TSM이 오조 선택한 순간에 반응이 무엇이었습니까?
druid: 사실 저는 오조가 괜찮은 챔피언이라고 생각을 해서 게임이 중반으로 흘러가면 위험할것이라고 생각했지만 팀원들은 시작전부터 이겼다 라는 반응이여서 놀랐습니다 lol
I thought Ozo was a good pick and thought if the game went to the mid-game it could have posed difficulties for us. However, I was surprised by my teammates’ reactions because they thought we immediately won after the Ozo pick lol.
Mango: WP 오조면 무조건 이겼다고 생각했어요.
I felt that if it was a WP we would win no matter what.
Willy: “이겼다”라는 바로나올정도로 승리를 확신했습니다.
I immediately thought we were going to win.

10. How does Korean food compare to North American food? Submitted by @Austin_Tsailin via Twitter (Editor’s Note: We asked the players to compare Korean food in NA compared to Korean food in Korea because they almost exclusively ate Korean food in NA).
미국의 한식이 한국의 한식을 비교해주세요.
druid: 미국 음식을 먹은것이 미국 햄버거를 먹은것밖에 없어서 비교할 수가 없을 것 같아요. 다음에 또 기회가 되면 미국 음식을 많이 먹어보고 평가해드리겠습니다.
I can’t really compare Korean food to American food because the only American food we tried were burgers. The next time I get a chance, I’ll make sure to try more American foods so that I could give you a better response. 
Mango: 미국의 한식도 맛있지만 아무래도 한국의 한식이 입맛에 더 잘맞는거같습니다. 
The Korean food in NA was good but I prefer Korea’s Korean food.
Willy미국의 한식은 한국의 한식 못지않게 맛있었습니다. 
The Korean food in NA was as good as the Korean food in Korea.

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