Invincible Armada
August 27, 2016
Critical Ops
August 30, 2016


LuluXiu | Lane

LuluXiu is was a former top player on the Chinese Server before recently moving to the US and quickly grabbing the attention and respect of top players in NA ranked queue. LuluXiu had six Vainglorious accounts in Summer Season 2016 and seeks to leave his mark in the Evil Eight.

XenoTek | Jungle & Team Captain

XenoTek has been at the forefront of the competitive scene since its inception. Always among the first players to reach the Vainglorious Skill Tier each season, XenoTek has one of the a largest and loyal fanbases in Vainglory. After guiding Noble eSports to the Spring Live Championships, XenoTek led Team Phoenix to a top-five finish in the Summer Live Championships.

TheRoastedPotato | Roam & Shotcaller

TheRoastedPotato is a longtime top player and the only female pro player to start in the Evil Eight. She is best known for her time in VON Menace and most recently as an alternate for the 2016 Summer Season Champions, Team SoloMid. TheRoastedPotato is regarded as an elite strategic mind in Vainglory, and she will devise both draft and in-game strategies for Team Phoenix.